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Donut/ Seasonal Ordering Info



· Closed on Mondays

· orders for Tuesday must be placed before 4 pm on Sunday

· orders for Wednesday to Sunday must be placed before 5 pm the day prior

Holidays / Special Weekends:

· subject to change, usually 2-3 days in advance

CAPACITIES: A specific order time, pick-up date or item may be unavailable because we have reached capacity for that time, date, or item. Please follow us on social media for updates.


· No changes during holidays/specialty weekends.

· For standard days: Date and/or time changes can be accommodated by calling the bakery with minimum 24 hours notice.

· Order dates and/or times cannot be changed once the deadline has passed. We cannot change the date of an order on the day that the order was placed for. If you are going to be later than 1 hour to pick-up your order please call us to let us know.

· We cannot change the contents of any order.

NO REFUNDS + NO CANCELLATIONS: This is absolute. There will be no refund for donuts not picked up or attempted cancellations. We can only offer to change the order date with 24 hours notice of the requested change. Should you not pick-up an order, the order is forfeited and we cannot offer a refund. We do not save any donuts that are not picked-up unless you have personally spoken to a manager.

SEASONAL DONUTS: Not included in the ½ dozen or dozen box price.

CUSTOMIZATION: We do not customize any donuts. Any notes made requesting customization will be ignored.

SPLITTING 1 DOZEN DONUTS: The request of splitting a box of 1 dozen donuts into 2 boxes will result in a $1.00 surcharge.

MINI DONUTS: Minimum 6 per flavour.

JUMBO DONUTS: May be unavailable on holidays and/or specialty days.

WHOLESALE: We do not do wholesale.

ALLERGIES: All donuts may come in contact with nuts. We do not use peanuts on our premises but do not guarantee that any item is nut-free or peanut-free as all ingredients may have come into contact with nuts at the hands of our suppliers. Even flavours that do not contain nuts may come in contact with nuts and we will not undertake to ensure that any donut has not come in contact with nuts.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Our donuts are made with milk, eggs, flour, and vegetable shortening – not lard. Toppings and fillings vary. All donuts are fried.

For any other concerns or questions please call and ask to speak to Rob or a manager at 416-255-2808.