About Us

Our History

"You need a pinch of love!" - Natale Bozzo

La Famiglia Bozzo – Keeping the family tradition alive.

Chris Bozzo and Joanne

Who We Are

Natale, Rob, Nick and Eddie, have worked together to grow SanRemo to what it is today. Though Natale has retired to Florida, you can still catch him with a piping bag, keeping an eye on the boys to make sure that every product meets his standards. SanRemo Bakery has only one location, and until further notice this is the way the Bozzos intend it to be. The Bozzos work daily at the bakery and it would hard to imagine a SanRemo Bakery without the Bozzos. There really isn’t one without the other.

SanRemo Bakery is the Bozzo Family, and that includes everyone who has helped SanRemo get to where it is today – family members, employees, and customers. The Bozzos are very grateful for the community’s support throughout the years.

Roberto Bozzo

The Baby & the Heart

At work: store manager, employee & customer relations

At play: watching football & basketball with my kids

Fav movie: Gone in 60 Seconds

Fav food: french fries & pizza

Fav SanRemo: veal sandwich

Edward Bozzo

The Middle & the Muscle

At work: head baker

At play: working out, pilates, a good scotch

Fav movie: mafia movies, especially the Godfather

Fav food: lamb & steak

Fav SanRemo: chicken tender sandwich

Nicholas Bozzo

The Eldest & the Brain

At work: Accountant

At play: my Hummer, working out, movies

Fav movie/tv: Bad Boys 1 &2, Seinfeld

Fav food: mac & cheese

Fav SanRemo: Italian coffee cake

50th Anniversary in 2019

Watch the SanRemo story unfold with the original three and the reigning three Bozzos.

SanRemo Bakery is your good ol’ fashioned Italian bakery, just taken up a couple of levels. – Nick Bozzo